Peaceful Paws Has Gone Virtual!

The way Peaceful Paws delivers the training may have changed, but the philosophy and formula have not. You still receive the same ethical, effective, and expert methods to help you achieve your training goals.

You may wonder how online dog training can possibly work? Well, it’s a bit like learning to fly with your own living room or neighborhood as your flight simulator. You’ll have your instructor right there with you walking you through the lessons in real time.

You'll enjoy the benefits of virtual training in the comfort and safety of your
own home and neighborhood:

• You get the same training expertise as always
• Flexible and convenient scheduling
• At home means less distraction for your dog
• Our service area is global. We can help no matter where you are in the world.
• All sessions are recorded for your reference
• Easy technology using your phone or computer

Contact Peaceful Paws • 303-364-4681 • pat@peacefulpaws.net 

We can do virtually anything virtually!

Peaceful Paws is here to help.
Are you experiencing these or other problems with your dog?

• Leash reactivity (going bonkers at the sight of other dogs/people)
• Aggression
• Fearfulness
• Separation anxiety
• Poor leash manners
• Chaos at the front door
• Resource guarding (possessive of food, toys, etc.)
• Excessive barking

The Mindful Approach

Peaceful Paws understands your concerns and frustrations about these behavior issues. We specialize in behavior modification and help you achieve your training goals by employing gentle, positive training methods. We take training from reactive to proactive by setting dogs up for success and rewarding them for it. The goal is not to simply control the behavior, but to change it for the better. This makes life easier on both ends of the leash!









Top photo: Michael Curran • Center photo: Patrina Odette • Bottom photo: Amy Martin