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Peaceful Paws
Ethical & Effective Virtual Dog Training

Does your dog bark excessively, take YOU for a walk, greet others with over-the-top gusto? Is there just too much canine chaos and craziness happening?

Help is here! For over 20 years, Peaceful Paws has been building better dog
behavior with empathy and expertise. We specialize in puppy rearing and adolescent dogs, but can provide training solutions to preserve your sanity and peace of mind at any life stage.

And we can do virtually anything virtually!

Ruby Goes Virtual
Photo by Patrina Odette

Peaceful Paws is your source for virtual dog training. The way we deliver training may have changed from the in-person sessions of the past, but our philosophy, formula, and results have not. You'll benefit from the same gentle, effective, and expert methods we've always used to make our clients' lives easier on both ends of the leash!



Choose Your Path To Success With Peaceful Paws

Custom Phone or Video Consultation

Raising Up Your Pup

Surviving The Terrible Teens

             Help For Your Reactive Dog

Because Peaceful Paws training is exclusively virtual,

Our Service Area Is Wherever You Are

No matter where you are in the world, you can train with Peaceful Paws. All we need to do is coordinate our schedules within our respective time zones.

So, let the training begin!

Completing homework videos was one of the most helpful things about virtual training because when reviewing the videos together Pat could freeze the video to show me behaviors that I would have never noticed otherwise.
--Laurie Whistler

Pat did a tremendous job helping me better communicate with my dog which resulted in a more confident, calm and stable pup.

I like Pat's approach which is about understanding the unique personality of your pup, along with positive reinforcements and having fun. I highly recommend Pat for your dog training needs!     --Jessica H.