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Articles and resources regarding positive training and behavior modification in canines have been made available here to better help your learning process and spread awareness of essential information.

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Speaking of Barking... | Mile High Dog magazine, June/July 2017

The (Successful) Adoption Option | Mile High Dog magazine, December 2016/January 2017

Tired Dog vs. Dog Tired, Is a Tired Dog Really a Good Dog? | Mile High Dog magazine, August/September 2016

Keep Up the Good Work, Maintain What You Train | Mile High Dog magazine, April/May 2016

Must Be Present to Win…It’s More Important Than Scoring the Goal | Mile High Dog magazine, December 2015/January 2016

Why Didn’t Obedience Classes Work? The Right Tool for the Job | Mile High Dog magazine, June/July 2015

Nothing to Fear. It’s Okay. You’ll Be Fine. | Mile High Dog magazine, February/March 2015

Enjoying Summertime with Dogs | Mile High Dog magazine, July/August 2014

Living at Peace in the Pack…Without Feeling Outnumbered or Outsmarted | Mile High Dog magazine, February/March 2014


Taking the Lead without Jerking the Leash, The Art of Mindful Dog Training is a book for dog trainers, other dog professionals, and dog owners. Intended to educate and entertain, it covers the many aspects of living with, training, and understanding dogs. It is philosophical in voice and versatile as a resource.

This book is part chronicle, part laughable musings, and part practical edification about dog training and canine behavior. It will explore the intersections of experience and spirit, training mechanics and mindfulness. Order your copy today!