Pat Blocker, CPDT-KA

Pat Blocker has been helping people in building better dog behavior with empathy and expertise. She is the owner of Peaceful Paws Dog Training and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with over 20 years experience. She has a passion for helping people with their dogs through education and positive reinforcement based training.

Pat was a full-time accredited trainer for 5 years before starting Peaceful Paws in 2005 and became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in 2003. She adheres to a code of ethics set forth by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and upholds her education and knowledge of current training methods. In addition, she is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and a Fear Free Certified Professional.

Pat is the co-founder of Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado, an organization providing education in animal assisted therapy for professionals in the mental health field. While living with her two canine behavior experts, Penny Lane and Lovely Rita, Pat is a contributing feature writer for Mile High Dog magazine and writes articles for community and business newsletters.

Areas of Special Interest:

          • Puppies & Adolescent Dogs
          • Resource Guarding
          • Separation Anxiety
          • Reactive Dogs
          • Shy and Fearful Dogs

Contact Peaceful Paws • 303-364-4681 • pat@peacefulpaws.net

Peaceful Paws Training Philosophy

Peaceful Paws Dog Training employs gentle, positive training methods. We take training from reactive to proactive by setting dogs up for success and rewarding them for it. The goal is not to simply control the behavior, but to change it for the better. Effective training is a two-way street of open communication. We will help you to understand how dogs communicate and learn, thus alleviating frustration and confusion on both ends of the leash. We will show you how to establish strong, yet benevolent leadership for a happier, more peaceful relationship for you and your dog.


At first it was difficult to understand how dog training (really it’s people training) would translate online, but I found it worked beautifully.

Working with Pat over the years has profoundly changed my relationship with my dogs. She taught me how to watch and listen to my dog, and she freed me from the frustrating dynamics of “manhandling” and control. My COVID dog, King, came with a lot of anxiety and I couldn’t leave him for a second without him panicking. Pat worked with me to implement the concepts of systematic desensitization. It wasn’t an easy process, but now I come home and find King on his back sleeping without a care in the world. He knows he is safe and the transformation in him still blows my mind. I recommend Pat highly to everyone who expresses a need for dog training - all the dogs who have people who work with her are so very fortunate, and I will be forever grateful that I learned how to better relate to my dogs. There really is a peaceful,
cooperative way.     --Lauren B.

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