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Peaceful Paws understands the challenges of living with dogs with behavior issues. Help is here! For over 20 years, Peaceful Paws has been building better dog behavior with empathy and expertise. We specialize in puppy rearing and adolescent dogs, but can provide training solutions to preserve your sanity and peace of mind at any life stage. Peaceful Paws is your source for virtual dog training. We can help with behavioral consultations and remote training via video conferencing.

Here are just some of the things we can assist you with:
Potty Training • Destructive Chewing • Barking • Resource Guarding • Jumping/polite door greetings • Separation Anxiety • Leash Walking • Leash Reactivity

1-hour consultation $135

Virtual Training Packages Available
Raising Up Your Pup
    Private, Virtual Training for Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of Age
Surviving The Terrible Teens
    Private, Virtual Training for Adolescent Dogs 6 months to 18 months of Age
The Peacekeepers
    Help for your Reactive Dog

Package Pricing:
Four 1-hour sessions: $505
Six 1-hour sessions: $725
Eight 1-hour sessions: $925

Phone or video consultation with referral
Some cases would benefit from in-person training to follow up virtual sessions. Peaceful Paws can consult with you about your dog’s behavioral issues, then assist in finding a reputable trainer near you.

Introducing Paws Support

Ongoing weekly support for you and your dog from Peaceful Paws

Now, you can stay connected with Peaceful Paws on a weekly basis. With a Paws Support training package, you'll receive a weekly check-in email from Peaceful Paws for updates and the opportunity to ask questions. I will answer any immediate questions or concerns promptly, then put your email response on file to discuss in further detail in our next 1-hour training session. People are finding Paws Support helpful to keep them on track and accountable in their training. But most importantly they know that Peaceful Paws is here for them.

Ongoing support is particularly helpful for those whose dogs' needs are changing. For example puppies, adolescent dogs, and fearful dogs benefit from continuing training support. Contact Peaceful Paws to get onboard.

Animal Communication Services

In addition to being a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Pat Blocker is an animal communicator. She can help you and your dog to a deeper understanding and open communication. This can be invaluable in facilitating training. Contact Peaceful Paws for more information on incorporating animal communication into your training program.

Animal communication is the ability to connect with animals on an intuitive level. This degree of communication helps to establish or improve harmony and understanding for a better relationship with our animals.

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