Because Peaceful Paws training is exclusively virtual,

Our Service Area Is Wherever You Are

No matter where you are in the world, you can train with Peaceful Paws. All we need to do is coordinate our schedules within our respective time zones.

So, let the training begin!

Talk To The Paw

Completing homework videos was one of the most helpful things about virtual training because when reviewing the videos together Pat could freeze the video to show me behaviors that I would have never noticed otherwise.

Pat helped me feel more in tune with my new puppy, Mani. Even while doing our sessions remotely, she was able to read and help me understand Mani’s behaviors, creating a more effective training relationship between myself and Mani. She was very encouraging and explained the skills well, using helpful tools including video and live examples with her own puppy. Mani has progressed tremendously in just a few short months. I highly recommend working virtually with Pat.   --Laurie Whistler