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Last spring during the pandemic our family welcomed a new member of our family, a Frenchie/Boston Terrier named Mochi. Our 12 year old son, Charlie was eager to learn how to train our new puppy and we signed up for Peaceful Paws' online training program. Throughout last summer, we met with Pat via Zoom to learn the basics, which were supplemented with a thoughtful puppy packet, training guide and YouTube channel. My son loved his training sessions with Pat because she provided real-time specific and kind feedback on how to cue Mochi to sit, stay, and many other skills. Her gentle encouragement through a virtual format was perfect for a child and a puppy learning how to work with each other. We are grateful for the individualized support and all the amazing resources she shared with us. Thank you Pat for your support! --Marnie Moody Cooke

Pat did a tremendous job helping me better communicate with my dog which resulted in a more confident, calm and stable pup. I like Pat's approach which is about understanding the unique personality of your pup, along with positive reinforcements and having fun. I highly recommend Pat for your dog training needs!   --Jessica H.

We wanted to share our very positive experience with Pat Blocker at Peaceful Paws for our dog Maddie. We adopted Maddie from a shelter last April 2020. We did not know much about her background, but realized she was quite anxious with new people and other dogs. After working remotely with Pat weekly for several months, Maddie showed multiple improvements. We were not sure how the training would work via zoom, but Pat was very professional and able to demonstrate techniques with her own dog, Penny. We were also able to send Pat videos of Maddie's behaviors for her to view and come up with an appropriate behavior plan. Pat was a very helpful, patient, and intuitive trainer, and we would highly recommend her services!"      --Arleen and Jenna G

Maddie on her 1-year "Gotcha Day" anniversary

We found Pat through a recommendation from our Vet for training for Milo, our 7 year old German Shepherd. The virtual training was convenient & easy to do in the comfort of our home. Pat personalized Milo’s training based on our needs. She taught us to have engagement with Milo on our walks, especially around strangers. She helped us redirect Milo’s energy from strangers at the door; including the mailman & deliveries. Among many other skills, Pat helped reinforce basic comments and made sure we practiced emergency Sit, Stay & Come commends in case Milo got loose. Pat taught by positive reinforcement using tone of voice, praise, and treats. Each week, we reviewed our practice homework, she made suggestion & modifications when needed and we learned several new techniques for things to do on our walks and at home. The training was a great experience and Milo is a difference dog. Thank you , Pat!     --Denise, Dave & Milo C.

Working with Pat over the years has profoundly changed my relationship with my dogs. She taught me how to watch and listen to my dog, and she freed me from the frustrating dynamics of “manhandling” and control. At first it was difficult to understand how dog training (really it’s people training) would translate online, but I found it worked beautifully. My COVID dog, King, came with a lot of anxiety and I couldn’t leave him for a second without him panicking. Pat worked with me to implement the concepts of systematic desensitization. It wasn’t an easy process, but now I come home and find King on his back sleeping without a care in the world. He knows he is safe and the transformation in him still blows my mind. I recommend Pat highly to everyone who expresses a need for dog training - all the dogs who have people who work with her are so very fortunate, and I will be forever grateful that I learned how to better relate to my dogs. There really is a peaceful, cooperative way.     --Lauren B.

Pat helped me feel more in tune with my new puppy, Mani. Even while doing our sessions remotely, she was able to read and help me understand Mani’s behaviors, creating a more effective training relationship between myself and Mani. She was very encouraging and explained the skills well, using helpful tools including video and live examples with her own puppy. Completing homework videos was one of the most helpful things about virtual training because when reviewing the videos together Pat could freeze the video to show me behaviors that I would have never noticed otherwise. Mani has progressed tremendously in just a few short months. I highly recommend working virtually with Pat.     --Laurie Whistler

Working remotely with Pat was perfect for our anxious, fearful rescue puppy, Comet. Remote sessions were also great for my family's busy schedule. Pat is extremely knowledgeable and kind, just who we needed as rookie puppy owners! With her help over eight one-hour sessions, Comet has grown from a shivering, jumping barker into a calm, lovebug. We couldn't be happier.    --Sarah F.

At first it was difficult to understand how dog training (really it’s people training) would translate online, but I found it worked beautifully. --Lauren B.

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