SITT Program

Peaceful Paws understands your concerns and frustrations about behavior issues. We specialize in behavior modification and help you achieve your training goals by employing gentle, positive training methods. We take training from reactive to proactive by setting dogs up for success and rewarding them for it. The goal is not to simply control the behavior, but to change it for the better. This makes life easier on both ends of the leash! Better communication engenders understanding and trust, which facilitates training and builds strong, trusting relationships.

Take an even deeper dive into training and understanding your dog
with the Peaceful Paws SITT program.

Introducing SITT
Science • Intuition • Trust • Training

SITT will not only change your dog's behavior,
it will change your life!

You will learn to solve behavior problems by training from both the heart and mind; both science and spirit. Training success comes from a deeper understanding of dogs and better communication with them. Dogs and humans seem to speak different languages, but we're coming from the same place. We're all speaking from our hearts.

Dogs and humans seem to have different goals, but basically we all want peace, harmony, happiness, and understanding. Having common goals and speaking a common language are empowering for both ends of the leash. We'll do the training and solve behavior issues, but in a more intuitive way that will ultimately be a more effective and happier experience for all.

SITT is so much more than training.
It's about transforming your life!

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Private 90-minute SITT Training Session

S I T T is a training methodology based on training with hearts and minds. You’ll learn how to build understanding and trust to facilitate better relationships through compassionate and informed training techniques. It's where hearts and minds meet and true understanding begins!

S I T T is based on the book
Letting in the Dog,
Opening Hearts and Minds to a Deeper Understanding.


Schedule Your Own Private 90-minute SITT Webinar

SITT is a live, interactive webinar hosted by Pat Blocker, CPDT-KA.
After the presentation, Pat will consult with you to address concerns about your dog's behavioral issues.
Contact us now to schedule your private session!
All paid participants receive a recording of the event for future reference.


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S I T T is based on the book

Letting in the Dog, Opening Hearts and Minds to a Deeper Understanding.