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Ethical & Effective Virtual Dog Training

Does your dog bark excessively, take YOU for a walk, greet others with over-the-top gusto? Is there just too much canine chaos and craziness happening?

Help is here! For over 20 years, Peaceful Paws has been building better dog
behavior with empathy and expertise. We specialize in puppy rearing and adolescent dogs, but can provide training solutions to preserve your sanity and peace of mind at any life stage.

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The initial consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss your specific training goals, answer any pressing questions, explain services and training options, and to share some management pointers to help make life easier until training gets underway.

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S.I.T.T. will not only change your dog's behavior, it will change your life!

Completing homework videos was one of the most helpful things about virtual training because when reviewing the videos together Pat could freeze the video to show me behaviors that I would have never noticed otherwise.
--Laurie Whistler

Pat did a tremendous job helping me better communicate with my dog which resulted in a more confident, calm and stable pup.

I like Pat's approach which is about understanding the unique personality of your pup, along with positive reinforcements and having fun. I highly recommend Pat for your dog training needs!     --Jessica H.

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